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“We love this apartment because we have a sweet property manager who cares about the well being of her residents.  She goes out of her way to help us in whatever we need. 

We have neighbors to socialize and visit with and that are kind to us by driving us places that need to go like the grocery store, doctor appointments, and the fitness center—especially in the winter.

We’re closer to the stores, hospital we can ride our bikes more than before.  We love that we can have indoor pets (we have a cat) it’s nice having a beautiful apartment and having a huge bathroom with bars in the bathtub, as I have cerebral palsy.  We are happy here being able to do things on our own.  We love having a nice yard and our own deck outside and watching the wild animals in the yard; like squirrels, deer, birds, etc.  If we were to move that would be out of question.  We are happy where we are at right now.” 

-Mark & Sandi T., La Hacienda Del Norte Senior & Disabled Housing

“La Hacienda apartments are a wonderful place to live.  Well maintained and nice neighbors.  The property manager, Elaine, does a very excellent job.”

-Robert H.P., La Hacienda Del Norte Senior & Disabled Housing

“I am 81 years old and moved to Casas de Rio Grande November 2005.  This property makes me happy for the price of rent.  The property is well kept and my needs are well met.  The people that live here are united in helping each other when you have a need.  My apartment is so comfortable and I feel safe and secure and couldn’t find a better place to live.  Management provides referral needs to each person that lives here and me, myself and I just love my Home-Care provider.  She does an excellent job in helping me and keeping me independent.  I am legally blind and whenever I need transportation or mail read or anything done, the manager takes care of those needs and if she is not around or busy, then maintenance steps up to the plate to do what she does because they are a great team.  We see absolutely no prejudice in our complex and everybody is treated as an equal.  I love my apartment so much and I want to remain here as long as possible.”

-Pete Ruybal, Casas De Rio Grande Senior Housing

“My name is Elaine F. and I am 90 ½ years old. I moved to Casas de Rio Grande from Aurora, CO and feel that I moved to a wonderful place.  I lived in Aurora many years and I do not miss anything about it and just love where I am now. The following issues are as follows:

  • Affordable rent
  • Good management 
  • No frequent police sirens/no criminal activity at all
  • I am close to my family
  • My needs are well met
  • I feel safe and everybody helps everybody and everybody is very respectful
  • I have a wonderful Home-Care Provider and I am very happy
  • Our building is always clean and well kept and our hallways are nice
  • Everything I need, I have and it is very quiet and peaceful here

I feel that the change from Aurora to Del Norte has been the best change I ever had and am thankful for the place to live that I now have and I love my apartment and comfortable and happy and wouldn’t change anything about it.”

-Elaine F., Casas De Rio Grande Senior Housing

“Bill and I want to sincerely thank CRHDC for the loan that we closed on 4/1/2010.  I also want to thank Jeanne Shaw for her thoroughness and professionalism while assisting us in applying for this loan with CRHDC. We have already put the funds in action.  March 2010 represented the strongest sales month in our 7-year history of operating a Big O’ Tires store in Trinidad, Colorado.  In anticipation of receiving the CRHDC funds, we were able to add 5 new employees to our staff, which allowed us to better serve our customers.  We were also able to reward our management staff with incentive-pay bonuses for reaching or exceeding monthly goals for the store.

Thank you again, and we look forward to working with CRHDC/CDE in the future.”

-Carol D.C., Big O’ Tires


CRHDC’s Intermediary Relending Program (IRP) “. . . Should have a tremendous positive impact on the financial well being of our business for which we are extremely grateful . . . [we] hope that our future relations with CRHDC are as comfortable as the application process has been.” 

-Michael H., Linda’s Laundry

Last fall, Jorge was about to lose his home. His story is not unlike those of many other struggling families throughout Colorado and the nation.

“I worked for a Colorado training center, which belongs to unions. I would help people learn safety skills before they went to work,” explains Jorge. “But with the slowing economy, I went down to teaching only one class a week.”

Jorge was suddenly faced with financial difficulties that he was unable to cope with in his changing employment situation. A friend of his mentioned an organization called CRHDC, and he called to set up an appointment. When he went in for his first session with Foreclosure Counselor Charlotte Brousseau, he was amazed with the amount of free services CRHDC had available.

“Charlotte was really helpful. When I would call the mortgage company I had a hard time getting them to listen to me, but when Charlotte called they realized that we were being serious,” Jorge says. “The interest rates on my home went from 8.75% to 3.47%. I was able to afford my home.”

Charlotte was able to assist Jorge in keeping his home and maintaining his independence.  When asked if he feels comfortable letting others know about CRHDC, Jorge responded “I already have told people at work and friends that they should go to CRHDC. They probably already have, I give it 100% support.” 

-Jorge N., Foreclosure Prevention Client

"This was a great learning experience. We are very grateful for & appreciate all the support we have received. We love our new home!"

- Dennis & Caroline

I am really enjoying my new home. Thanks so much for all your help!!

- Victor

Thank you for helping us make all our dreams come true!

- Nicholas & Dana

Maurice first heard about CRHDC from his Mortgage Broker, who told him about organizations offering Down Payment Assistance. He found the link to the CHFA website that contained information on organizations offering Home Buyer Education, and soon he was signed up for an upcoming Saturday class at CRHDC’s Westminster office.

Maurice found that the biggest asset gained from the class was learning “where resources are available,” for potential home buyers. He also found helpful the informational packet provided information about organizations that assist individuals in their home search.

At the start, Maurice “didn’t know such a course existed,” and soon found the benefits of attending a class at CRHDC. After the exit survey that all attendees take upon completion of the class, Maurice noted that he felt “more prepared and more knowledgeable” about the home buying process.  “All the information was presented at one time, in one place and in same manner,” says Maurice, who says otherwise homebuyers have to piece information together on their own, which is time-consuming. After taking the class, Maurice said “I would absolutely refer people to CRHDC . . . and I take referrals very seriously.”

-Maurice C., Home Buyer Education attendee

Sean A. and his wife signed up for CRHDC’s Home Buyer Education class when they began thinking about purchasing a home of their own. They attended the class to “learn about the processes and make sure we were able to buy a house,” he says. “I found out it would be best to wait until we have a larger income.”


Sean learned a lot during the Saturday class, noting “I did not know that someone could be turned away from closing if they did not keep up their payments on other items, and I learned not to make big purchases prior to closing.”


Sean and his wife plan to purchase a home with the knowledge gained through the course about credit and certain predatory lending practices to look out for during their search.


After attending the class, Sean made the decision to wait on purchasing a home. He said of the experience “I do feel more confident,” about the home buying process and “even more comfortable with my decision to wait a little while.” Sean also said he would “absolutely” recommend the class to other potential home buyers who are looking for a solid home buying education before purchasing a home.

-Sean A., Home Buyer Education attendee

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